About Us

We are two people who came together to grow a community rooted in art. Art for the everyday. Based in San Diego, Ashley came from beautiful Northern California where she honed in her artistic skills and creativity. Peyton ventured down from the Pacific Northwest with a background in growing startups. With Ashley as our incredible artist, and Peyton taking on the business side of things, we knew we could unite forces to create something fun for all.

After grabbing lunch in San Diego on a blustery day, Ashley and Peyton were walking back to the Subaru to head home. Peyton turned to Ashley and said, “Hey, did you also see a bunch of stickers in the bathroom?” Ashley said, “Oh yeah. They were everywhere.” After a delayed pause, Peyton turned back to Ashley and said, “I bet we could partner and make the gnarliest stickers around. Stickers that would stand out in any location, bathroom, or bar. Your art form would look so cool on a sticker” Ashley immediately responded with, “We absolutely can..” After meeting every weekend for coffee, brainstorming ideas and creating our first designs, 9 months later, Ashfluent was born.

Ashfluent was created to not only “make dope stickers” but to create more joy in our communities. We believe that art can bring people together in a beautiful way. We want to give back to the youth, uplift communities around the country, and make a positive difference in this world. Join us on our mission to create art for the everyday through dope art, stickers, and future merchandise (wink wink). 

We are so excited to have you as a part of our community. Join our discord below.